Places We Love: Rockmill Brewery

CBUS Dads blogger Billy Fischer took his family to Rockmill Brewery.

Fresh brewed beer, beautiful scenery, a crackling fireplace, and a renovated barn that immediately makes you think “can I please live here.” That’s the best way
to sum up the incredible gem that is
Rockmill Brewery.


Rockmill Brewery is a 30 minute drive from Downtown Columbus and a great place to take the family. I took the trip with my family last weekend. Initially, I wasn’t so sure about lugging the kids to a brewery in the country. I’m glad that thought didn’t stop us from going, because it was great.

After digging through the online reviews, I learned a few key things that helped make our trip enjoyable:

  • Rockmill Brewery doesn’t serve food, so make sure you pack a meal, some good snacks and drinks for the kids. If you swing by Katzinger’s Deli and tell them y
    ou’re going to Rockmill, they’ll put together a cheese plate with beer cheese pairings.
  • There’s plenty of room to run around and play. Bring a football, soccer ball, ball and glove, etc.
  • If you prefer to just relax, bring a blanket and chill on the huge green space.
  • There are a few places to explore, take a small hike (perfect for the little ones) and just generally enjoy the beautiful property. Wear appropriate footwear. We failed on this one and my daughter Charlee pretty much trashed her Nike’s.
  • Rockmill Brewery is dog friendly. So, we took our dog!

The tasting room is an old barn that was turned into a home in the 70’s. There’s a bar, 2 large TV’s, multiple fireplaces and endless rooms with comfy seating to grab a spot and hang out. If sports bars aren’t your style, this would be an amazing place to watch a game. I’d recommend waiting for the first game day snowfall and heading to Rockmill Brewery (no kids this time).


Oh yeah, what about the beer?!

You can learn more about the Rockmill brews here. I sampled the Saison, Dubbel, Rugged Expanse and the Super Saison. Each beer was extremely unique, not your typical craft beer selection. I loved the Dubbel. An amazing dark beer with a maraschino cherry taste.

If you have the chance, take a trip to Rockmill Brewery. We had a blast!



By Billy Fischer, Contributor

The Ohio State Football Game Survival Guide

CBUS Dads blogger Steven Michalovich took his family of four to The Hoseshoe for an Ohio State football game.

Color my wife and I ambitious, but we took both our two-year old and our eight-week old to Ohio Stadium for a football game. The general sentiment among our friends and family was that we were a few marbles short of a sack for going through with it. We completely acknowledged that the kids sitting through four hours in The Horseshoe was not going to happen. As passionate alumni, we were merely seeking the novelty of having our two young kids get the experience – one we consider the best way to spend a fall Saturday.


We strategically chose this game, because kickoff was at 3:30 and wouldn’t interfere with our oldest’s midday nap time. We waited to depart for campus until 3:20, letting the traffic subside. This turned out beneficial for parking as well, as we scored a spot right near The Shoe.

There’s a lot of speculation and confusion on the University’s policy on children, so here it is: Children under two can get in without a full price ticket, but a lap ticket is required. These are $10 and can be purchased at the ticket office. Personally, I think it’s a ripoff that the max age is two, but no one will mistake Ohio State for being a charity.

My sophomore step sister got us student tickets through her sorority. For the last ten years or so, Ohio State requires any admission with a student ticket to have a BuckID accompanying it. Thankfully my wife and I are pros and still have ours. Our tickets were in the south stands, primarily occupied by college kids. Despite a few over-served coeds, the drunken debauchery was at a minimum. In fact, I have to give the crew sitting adjacent to us a ton of credit. Not only were they classy fans, but they fully embraced us and our tiny comrades.

Even with the close parking and courteous fans, an Ergo for our youngest was completely mandatory. If you don’t know about Ergo, I highly recommend it for anyone with/expecting a baby.


All was going smoothly. We got to our seats midway through the first quarter. I was able to consume my first purchased beer in The Horseshoe. Our youngest was peacefully strapped to my chest. Our oldest was enamored with all of the sights and sounds. The zenith of this investment/experience was watching her determination to find Brutus amongst the crowd and her excitement after she finally spotted him.

The forecast sadly didn’t cooperate. The day started sunny and unseasonably hot, but as predicted the rains came right before halftime. We held out as long as we could, but the storms were fierce. A wet dash to the car was actually seen with a lot of laughs among the family. As great as the kids were behaving, we probably could’ve stayed longer had it not been for the inclement weather.img_1690

Regardless, no regrets here. We were prepared and enjoyed our time.

And we survived to tell the tale.


By Steven Michalovich, Contributor