Pigeon Roost Farm Is Not Your Grandma’s Pumpkin Patch

Just a glimpse of the pumpkin selection at Pigeon Roost Farm.

I’ve been to my fair share of pumpkin patches, both before and after having kids. My wife is a junkie for anything fall, and if I’m being honest, I’m a sucker for this time of year as well.

This year we ventured to Pigeon Roost Farm in Hebron, about a solid 35 minutes east of the city. We had heard some good things about Pigeon Roost Farm, so we decided to give it a try on an unseasonably warm October Saturday.

My wife thoroughly enjoys the experience and challenge of venturing into a traditional pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin. She judges it on shape, size, color, and stem (seemingly it’s most important characteristic). Everything else that comes along with the pumpkin patch experience has been secondary to the thrill of the search for her.

If you’re hellbent on this activity though, Pigeon Roost Farm isn’t for you. All of their pumpkin inventory is already picked from the vine, but the variety and sheer volume of choices is unmatched. Every kind of pumpkin imaginable – and some you’ve never heard of – are available for purchase.

Despite the vast pumpkin offering, the differentiator for Pigeon Roost Farm is its Great Pumpkin Fun Center. This place is an ideal autumn-inspired spot for any child to fully exhaust themselves.

As Stefon would say, this place has it all…


Corn mazes. Check.

Straw tunnels. Check.

Big slides. Check.

Enchanted forest. Check.

Hay ride. Check.

Football toss and cornhole. Check.

Tree houses, tractors and toys. Check.

Our trip was capped at two hours due to nap time, but we easily could’ve spent four hours at Pigeon Roost Farm. We packed a light lunch, even though concessions and food were available. From my vantage point, the price was a little steep for the value, so I recommend doing the same. There’s plenty of space to bring a blanket for a picnic or to snatch up any of the vast amount of tables on the premises.

I highly recommend Pigeon Roost Farm if you’re looking for a maxed out pumpkin patch experience and you have kids. If you don’t have kids, I’d probably take my business elsewhere, unless crawling through tunnels and whizzing down slides are your thing. My daughter sure loved the place.


By Steven Michalovich, Contributor