A Review of Eat Pak’d

A plate full of food from Eat Pak'd

In February, CBUS Dads was invited to a party for Columbus influencers (somehow we fooled them into inviting us), introducing Eat Pak’d to the community. Based in Chicago and new to Columbus, the mission of Eat Pak’d is to fill kids’ bellies with wholesome, homemade ingredients – free of fillers and preservatives.

The party was hosted at Firefly Play Cafe, which I wasn’t aware of previously, but is the original play cafe in Columbus. Quick shoutout to them, as the space is great. It’s centrally-located, so it makes for a good playdate location. They could easily warrant a dedicated blog post about them.

A few of us attended, accompanied by our little ones. While the kids played and occasionally swooped in for a bite, the parents learned more about Eat Pak’d and its offerings.

Fortunately, Eat Pak’d offered a free in-home trial following this event. Never one to turn down free food, I happily obliged.

CBUS Dads blogger Steve Michalovich's daughter enjoying her meal from Eat Pak'd
CBUS Dads blogger Steve Michalovich’s daughter enjoying her meal from Eat Pak’d

Some time later, five Paks arrived at our doorstep in a package with dry ice. They offer a wide-ranging menu. We received BBQ chicken tacos, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, sun butter and jelly, and host of veggies, fruits and pretzels as sides. My two-year-old daughter is a pretty solid eater, but admittedly, some of the meals were maybe a bit exotic for her underdeveloped pallet. But the quality and freshness was impeccable – I’d probably give her a couple more years before relying solely on Eat Pak’d for a meal just yet. I was happy to polish off what remained on her plate, and I can safely say, everything was delicious.

Eat Pak’d guarantees their Paks are designed by nutritionists and crafted by chefs, limiting sugar, sodium and refined grains. The food is all locally-sourced and nutrient-rich.

Eat Pak’d aspires to be a partner in providing quality food for kids at the most important times of the day. The experience does feel like a partnership and is very interactive, as parents, with their children, can choose, and even create their own meals on the Eat Pak’d website. Part of the value proposition is removing the time it takes to plan, shop and prepare kid’s meals and making it a fun experience for the entire family.

I’m keeping my eyes on Eat Pak’d as my kids get older and wish them the best as they continue to expand.

By Steven Michalovich, Regular Contributor

An Introduction

July 16, 2016 was the day I officially became a father of two. It can’t be understated how immensely your life changes anytime you welcome a new child into this world. While the experience was familiar with it being our second, there is nothing easy or routine when it comes to being a dad. To quote Dalton, one of the great movie characters of all time, “Expect the unexpected.”

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It was sometime around this date that I was inspired to start a dad blog. Mommy blogs have become quite the rage, but dad blogs are still a fairly new phenomenon. The good dad blogs tackle the more traditional patriarchal activities and challenges with a unique spin.

Research shows that the millennial dad is different than their dads. We are more involved. Some even stay at home with the kids. Many are leading researching daycares, setting up playdates and trying to fill Saturdays with activities while their spouse hits the gym and brunch.

In Columbus, despite being the 15th largest city in America, no true dad blog or online community exists for dads to share their stories, successes and tribulations of parenthood. Columbus is a progressive city. We tout a population that skews younger than comparative cities, with a higher rate of millennials moving here. We’ve been recognized as a top city for working moms, but what is it like being a dad in Columbus?

Today, I’m presenting CBUS dads.


This site will not be about just one dad. CBUS Dads is a community in the truest sense. Many contributors will share their stories and contribute to the dad blog, serving as a resource and a sympathetic ear to those who are trying to conquer the day-to-day of parenting.

We will be authentic, honest and genuine, providing our unique, varied perspectives of dads who not only live in Columbus, but experience the city everyday. We will strive to represent the active, involved, connected Columbus dad and illustrate how you can balance that lifestyle while being supremely committed to fatherhood. CBUS Dads may live downtown or in the suburbs. A Saturday may involve coaching tee ball in the morning, lunch at a local restaurant and taking their kids to one of Columbus’ awesome summer festivals in the evening. We want to show that being a dad doesn’t mean sacrificing experiencing the city we love.

Please follow along. Join us on this journey. Let us know what you think. Tell your tale.

Cheers to you, Columbus Dads.


By Steven Michalovich, Contributor