Downtown Dad

My pride and joy, Jaxon Attilio and Noah Henry. It has always been our focus to add as much culture to the boys lives as possible while guiding them towards their greatest interests and treating them as less experienced adults instead of like “children.” If there was one thing their mom and I definitely agreed upon it was how we wanted to raise the boys. We trusted each other as parents to make this happen. Now, as co-parents, nothing has changed. Our focus is still on adding as many enriching experiences and opportunities to their lives as we can. Now we just do it from different addresses.

I moved to Downtown Columbus about a month ago, physically. I’ve been downtown since I graduated college though. From the myriad of restaurants to parks and from all of the educational and cultural institutions to the great places to just lounge, I love seeking out all of the nooks and crannies of the city so that I can share them with others. I’ve scratched together a few start-ups, worked for some exceptional local companies, created artwork inspired by my surroundings, made some amazing life long friends, and had some worldly experiences all within the city walls of Columbus. In all honesty, I never thought this is where I’d end up spending the majority of my early working days. I didn’t feel like it had the potential nor the support for what it was I wanted to do. Instead of opting out and heading to NY or LA I decided to stay here and make it work. Although it’s not been easy, I’m proud and grateful to say that I have been witness to the expansive growth and cultural development of Columbus. Bringing up two boys during the renaissance of our city is nothing short of awesome.

Columbus, and Ohio in general, have produced some of the most exceptional human beings on the planet. From presidents to athletes, from artists to entrepreneurs, and from doctors to teachers, we have a rich history of educated and ambitious people. I want to make sure that my boys have the same access to opportunity and inspiration as all of our great representatives. Will they become members of such a distinguished crowd? That’s not up to me, that’s up to them. I just want to do my part as a father and make sure that the path in front of them is laden with keys to the future. I believe there is no better place to carve that path, than right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Be sure to check back soon and follow along on some of our great adventures.

By Matthew Barnes, Contributor