Father’s Day 2018 Recap and Reflection

CBUS Dads dad blogger Steve Michalovich enjoying some baby pool action over Father's Day weekend

Last week my wife and I debated whether Mother’s Day is a more significant holiday than Father’s Day. My argument is that it is. The basis for my argument derived from my time working at restaurants, where Mother’s Day was a huge draw, and Father’s Day brought in just the atypical summer Sunday crowd.

In our family, my wife has always gone above and beyond since we’ve had kids to make me feel special during this holiday. I’m a lucky guy. This year was no different, as she had some surprise plans in mind for the weekend.

Unfortunately as the weekend kicked off, my wife came down with a stomach bug that, oddly for mid-June, has been going around. Plans of church, brunch and patios as a family were put on hold, and Dad was left to lead the charge, as Mom nursed back to health.

Most parents reading this are all too familiar of the regular challenge of going from man-to-man defense to zone coverage. With two energetic little ones, being on your toes at all times is definitely a requirement.

Thankfully, this “daddy day” was wide open with no deadlines or obligations. We didn’t end up doing anything overly special: bike rides, #DonutSaturday, some baby pool action in the backyard. I try my best to cherish these moments as much as the vacations and big events.

CBUS Dads dad blogger Steve Michalovich taking his kids out for a bike ride
CBUS Dads dad blogger Steve Michalovich on a bike ride with his kids

Life happens. Plans sometimes have to fall through. In the game of parenting, I’ve learned in my nearly four years at it, it’s all about rolling with things and making the best of any situation.

By Sunday, my wife was thankfully feeling better, so we capitalized by spending some time together as a full family unit.

In the end, it was a memorable Father’s Day weekend, aside from my wife sadly being knocked off her feet for part of it. Brunches and gifts are great, but what I’ll remember most from this weekend was my day bonding and enjoying some simple time with my kids.

By Steven Michalovich, Regular Contributor

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