Kicking Off The Holiday Season with Christmas in Springboro

Christmas in Historic Springboro

Full disclosure: I’ve got the holiday fever. I know it’s still only mid-November. There’s still green leaves on the trees in my yard for heaven’s sake.

But I live in a household where my wife shares a tradition with her mom and aunt that they start listening to Christmas music on Columbus Day. If you’re not a calendar expert, that’s in early October.

That’s still a bit early for me, but I’ll admit it though, I am ready to blast the Mele Kalikimaka and fire up the Home Alone.

Our family has started another tradition the last couple years, and that’s kicking off the holiday season with a trip to Christmas in Springboro.

Another full disclosure: Springboro is a suburb south of Dayton. Stating the obvious here, but that’s not in Columbus. In fact, it’s every bit of 90 minutes to get there. Again stating the obvious, but CBUS Dads is focused on Columbus (hence the clever name).

Christmas in Springboro is a blast though. Think Christmas-themed street fair with the atypical fare for such an occasion. It’s sensational for kids, with an entire tent dedicated to activities for the little ones, including face painting (see below). Throughout the weekend, there’s entertainment and music. We prioritize the parade at noon on Saturday, as my brother-in-law is the band director for the high school, so it’s an opportunity to see them perform.

So if you’ve got the fever and nothing to do Saturday, join us in Springboro! The entire community seems to rally around it, and every time we go, I can’t help but wish that something similar happened in central Ohio. For anyone reading this, if there is, and I don’t know about it, please share. If there’s not, maybe that’s an open invitation for one of our Columbus neighborhoods or suburban communities to answer the call?

By Steven Michalovich, Contributor

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