Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School – Part Three: The Little Things

Ribbons CBUS Dads dad blogger Steve Michalovich's daughter earned through three months of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School in Westerville.

The following article is a result of a partnership between CBUS Dads and Goldfish Swim School.

For the last three months, Mondays have been a day I look forward to. My daughter and I have spent those Monday evenings at Goldfish Swim School in Westerville.

The experience has been tremendous on all fronts. My daughter – who will turn three at the end of this month – has grown immensely as a swimmer as a result of her lessons. I already can’t wait to enroll my son – who will turn one next month – in the very near future.

I’ve shared my perspective on the experience, both in the water and everything that happens before and after a lesson.

As we break for the summer and look to put her learnings to the test at the community pool and at the beach during family vacation, I wanted to sum up our experience by listing all of the subtle details that comprise the incredible experience with Goldfish Swim School.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it starts with the staff. Everyone was amazing, but special shoutout to my daughter’s two primary instructors: Lauren and Sidney. Even when my daughter had advanced beyond their classes, she always had to say hello to them, because they made such a strong connection with her.

As a marketing professional, I appreciate good communication, and Goldfish makes this a priority. The website and emails are user-friendly and well organized. Moreover, I was impressed by the personal touch they prioritized when they called me the day of a lesson to let me know a different instructor would be filling in. Not necessary by any means, but much appreciated.

The literal warmth of the facility can’t be overstated. They make it incredibly comfortable for the kids and the parents who are getting wet – at the expense of a hefty utility bill I’m sure.

The kids all seem to be comfortable in the water, and I’d imagine this is attributed to the attention each is given. The instructor-to-student ratio is amazing. Once she was in classes where I wasn’t in the pool, there was never more than four students in a class.

Goldfish also makes scheduling a breeze. You pay for the month, and within that month, get four classes. If you know you’ll miss one of your scheduled lessons, they make it extraordinarily easy to reschedule to a different class throughout the week. We had to do this a couple of times.

The instructors truly make the kids feel like they’re accomplishing something. After a sensational lesson, the kids receive ribbons. She was always really proud of her achievements and couldn’t wait to share them with Mommy when we got home.

It’s little things like ribbons that have made this experience special and have extended it beyond our time in the water. I thank Goldfish Swim School for a fun three months.

-By Steve Michalovich, Regular Contributor

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