Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School – Part Two: The Learning Experience

CBUS Dads blogger Steven Michalovich's daughter swimming in a Westerville Goldfish Swim School swim lesson.

The following article is a result of a partnership between CBUS Dads and Goldfish Swim School

I recently shared my family’s experience with Goldfish Swim School in Westerville through a few weeks of lessons.

This month, I’d like to share what the instructors are teaching my daughter and how she has progressed.

Each class is 30 minutes and generally entails some variety of paddling, kicking, back floating, going underwater, and swimming short distances with decreasing levels of assistance from the teacher, as she’s progressed through three levels of classes thus far.

It’s evident there’s an emphasis on swimming skills but also survival skills. The kids are taught to swim to the wall. Part of each class has the kids holding onto the edge of the pool and inching themselves right or left while still holding on.

The biggest physical challenge comes when the teachers have the kids pull themselves out of the pool from this position with little to no assistance. They stress that they need to be able to do this on their own in the event no one is there to help them.

Based on her age, my daughter has participated in the following class levels thus far:

  • Mini 2 (one teacher, max six kids, parents in the pool)
  • Mini 3 (one teacher, max two kids, no parents in the pool)
  • Junior 1 (two teachers, max three kids, no parents in the pool

Each builds on the previous class and has pushed her to new heights and added to her comfort level in the water.

If you’re interested in getting a feel for Goldfish for your child, they are hosting a Water Safety Awareness Event Saturday, May 20 from 4-6 p.m.

Total side note, but during our most recent lesson, we saw how fast the instructors can react in an “emergency”. One of the swimmers in another lane had an “accident”, which resulted in the teachers swiftly getting all of the kids out of the water, and sadly ended swim lessons for the evening.

My daughter will be back at it next week.

-By Steven Michalovich, Regular Contributor

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