A Review of Stand Magazine

Stand Magazine reviewed by dad blogger Steve Michalovich

CBUS Dads was recently contacted by the editor in chief of STAND Magazine. His offer: sharing a couple copies of the magazine for us to review. We obliged, and I’m happy to report that I took the time to not just leaf through it but to give the content a fair read.

STAND strives to be a magazine for men who not only want to look good and feel great, but also do right and generally who give a damn about being better men. Their mission is to take a stand for a balanced and whole-hearted masculinity that embraces the expression of emotion as strength, promotes a healthy body, mind and spirit, appreciates style and good humor, and seeks to shape a world of peace for all.

As Ohio guys, we were thrilled to find out that it’s published here in Midwest too.

The contents of the two issues we were sent tackle a wide-range of impactful and meaningful topics.

One issue focused prominently on the “male body image crisis”, shedding light on an issue that frankly, I didn’t know existed. The most alarming stat was 18 percent of boys having extreme concerns with their weight and physique. The issue dove into the history of this issue, male plastic surgery and even insecurities about penis size.

Both issues were filled with inspiring content, including poetry, quotes, photography, Q&A’s, and in-depth profiles of admirable men.

The thing that struck me most was the level of depth they go with their content. Don’t expect quick reads: they cover their bases and really tackle an issue head on.

The website buckets the content into logical categories. There’s opportunities to subscribe and join the mailing list. To do so, STAND gives us the feeling that we are joining an online community of likeminded men. This is a similar model to the community of dads we set out to bring together with CBUS Dads. There’s certainly synergies with STAND and CBUS Dads.

I’m taking note and considering subscribing. Very few – if any – publications exist with such a noble focus. As dads who try to do the best for their families while being the best versions of themselves, we all may want to take note and join the STAND community.

-By Steve Michalovich, Regular Contributor

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