Places We Love: COSI

CBUS Dads blogger Steven Michalovich is reliving his childhood with his kids at COSI in 2017, specifically the Kidspace.

In the much-appreciated spirit of gifting experiences rather than stuff, my amazing brother-in-law gave us a year membership to COSI for Christmas. If somehow you’re not familiar with COSI, Parent Magazine ranked it as the number one science center in America in 2008.

Parenthood gets even more fun when you can get reacquainted with activities that you enjoyed as a youth. COSI is a prime example. I have fond memories of going into the city to spend a day at the Broad Street location.

Now I get to do the same with my children, albeit to a new downtown location.

We went for the first time since my youth on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On a holiday for most schools, COSI was pretty packed, but we expected this, softening the blow.

With a two-and-a-half-year old, our time was 100 percent spent in the little kidspace. The vast amount of activities for young kids to do is remarkable. Everything, and I mean everything, promotes activity, creativity, interaction, and most importantly fun.

I’ll let the photos illustrate how COSI is one of the best, if not the best, place in town to take young children and let them explore. And we just scratched the surface. COSI has so much more for our family to explore as my kids get older.

Cheers to a new generation of memories.

By Steven Michalovich, Contributor

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