A First Trip to Nationwide Children’s Hospital Urgent Care

Last Tuesday evening my two boys and I were chasing our puppy around the house after his bath to dry him off. My three-year-old dove up on the sofa and slammed his head on the edge of the end table. This trauma cut a nearly 2.5 inch gash into his lower left forehead causing excessive bleeding.

Once I was able to get the bleeding under control and assess the situation, I was able to hop on my Droid to Google urgent care locations. I was not only pleased to learn that there is an Nationwide Children’s Hospital Urgent Care within 2.8 miles of my Upper Arlington home, but I was also pleased to know that I could see the current wait tim20170104_200447es and make the determination that if the wait time was too long in Hilliard, that I could possibly go to the other nearby location in Dublin. I called my wife, who wasn’t home at the time, calmed her down then off we went to Hilliard.

Being an employee of Nationwide Children’s Hospital as Administrator of Perioperative Services, I’ve never personally been on the receiving side of their ambulatory services. However, I have to say that the experience was fantastic. We experienced efficient and friendly registration and were put back in the treatment room within 5 minutes of check in. When we got to the back before entering our treatment room the staff at the desk made a point to acknowledge and meet with my son and let him know that everything would be ok and then explained the process for fixing him up. Everyone we came into contact with was
pleasant, empathetic and accommodating.

Case in point: My eight-year-old son didn’t want to watch his little bro get sewn up, so the staff offered to have him sit at the desk with them while the procedure took place – AND offered him a charging cord for his iPod that he brought with him.

The suture process was difficult for my son to take, however he was able to pull through and was happy to get a lollipop afterwards for his efforts. We were in and out with six sutures in under an hour.

I can only speak from my experience, which was exceptional and truly exceeded both mine and my wife’s expectations. Glad to know we have a high quality healthcare system nearby to cover my crazy boys when needed in an emergency.

By Steve Swift, Contributor



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