Places We Love: Timbuk Farms

CBUS Dads blogger Steve Michalovich has been to Timbuk Farms the last two years with his family for the full holiday experience.

This time of year, my wife loads our calendar with as many holiday activities as our schedule will allow. To say she loves Christmas would be an understatement. And I’m totally fine with it, because I dig the season too.

And being able to experience the holidays through the eyes of your kids makes this time of year that much more special.

Last weekend we ventured out to Granville for the second December in a row to visit Timbuk Farms.

For a little history, Timbuk Farms has been open since 1952, making it one of central Ohio’s oldest and largest Christmas tree farms. Granville is certainly a healthy drive from I-270 (close to 30 minutes), but the ability to distance yourself from the city is what makes it an appealing destination and worth the driving time. In fact, this lengthy distance from Columbus is how Timbuk Farms got its name (people compared it to a trip to Timbukto).

On this Saturday, Timbuk Farms was hopping. This isn’t shocking as three weeks before Christmas is prime time for live Christmas tree chopping.

Timbuk Farms feels like a farm in every sense. Sitting on 300 acres, it evokes all of the holiday feels. Included in the main barn are some crafts for purchase and a counter you can order hot chocolate and sandwiches (which were delicious I might add). If you’re like us, you avoid the malls for your kid’s annual visit to Santa Claus. Timbuk Farms has their very own Santa and Mrs. Claus on the premises eagerly awaiting your child to tell them what they want for Christmas and to pose for pictures.

Sadly, we are currently on hiatus for cutting down live trees for our holiday needs. In the past, we’ve gotten a little overzealous with the size of our trees, causing some damage to our house when it came time to dispose of the tree.

Despite this, it didn’t stop us from hopping on the bus (literally an old school bus) and trekking out to the fields. Because my daughter loves buses, there was absolutely no way we were going to leave there without riding the bus. So we took the ride – minus the saw – to stroll through the tree farm.

Their whole operation is superior to other Christmas tree farms I’ve been to. Each bus has a trailer, where you place your cut tree, and they take care of hauling and wrapping.


Since we were just there for the experience, my daughter enjoyed collecting loose branches and smelling them. Doubt any other children will find this as exciting as she did, but a possible option for some amusement.

We had as much fun as we would’ve actually selecting and cutting down a tree, but after a second straight year to Timbuk Farms, we were probably inspired enough to end our hiatus in 2017. Whether or not you have your tree already, Timbuk Farms is a great weekend destination. Bonus to Granville for being an amazing, quaint town with enough shops and restaurants to make a whole day of it.

By Steven Michalovich, Contributor

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